Your proposal story: “We were on a walk through our neighborhood in Philadelphia with my best friend. She was headed back to upstate New York that day, and asked if there was anywhere close by that she could stop and get a coffee for the road. I suggested a local coffee shop situated in a little garden a few blocks from our house. We stopped and Brian quickly walked out of the shop and into the garden. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, so I waited for my friend to purchase her drink and walk outside. She was lingering behind me, so I walked ahead and met Brian in the garden. It was then that he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. My friend captured the whole thing on camera. Brian had the biggest smile on his face and I cried (a lot). I had never been more surprised or excited. It was the so simple and sweet – perfect for us.”

      How you met: “We are high school sweethearts! We met during the summer of 2008 when we both opted to take Health class (it was a two-week course over the summer, versus half a year course during the school year). I (Carly) thought Brian was super cute. I (Brian) thought Carly was way out of my league. On one of the last days of summer school, we had to complete the dreaded task: taking home and caring for a fake baby. Brian finally asked for my number that day, and I was so excited! We stayed up all night texting – me (Carly) about my nightmare baby and Brian about his perfect one. The next day, I come to find out that Brian got ahold of the baby programmer and programmed mine to cry all night long and his to be perfectly calm. Apparently the joke worked, because we’ve been together ever since.”

      Vision of your wedding day/your inspiration: “The one word we kept coming back to in the planning process was “cozy.” We got married in the fall, and wanted everything to feel very warm and intimate. We incorporated lots of velvets, soft lighting and lush colors into our day. It truly was the “cozy” wedding of my dreams!”

      Length of dating: 10 years
      Length of engagement: 15 months
      Number of guests: 170

      Your advice to couples planning now: “Don’t stress over the little things! I’m a perfectionist and was tempted to hum and haw over every decision. You have to believe that everything will come together in the end and keep in mind that at the end of the day, you’re marrying your best friend. It also helps to surround yourself with vendors who you trust. They’re there to help you throughout the sometimes stressful process, to make your vision come to life and, most importantly, to allow you to relax and enjoy the best day of your life.”

      Favorite wedding day moment(s): “We loved our first look. It was simple and intimate. We were able to smile and laugh together, which helped calm both our nerves! At dinner, we sat at a sweetheart table, which we’d also recommend. Having that time to talk and to take it all in was incredible. Looking around the beautiful tent, filled with family and friends who traveled from near and far to celebrate our love, was one of the most special feelings in the entire world.”

      First dance song and significance: “We danced to “Bring It On Home To Me” by Sam Cooke. We’ve always loved Sam Cooke. On weekends, you can find us sipping our coffee, sitting on our couch, listening to Sam Cooke. Love is about those simple moments, and this song represents that to us.”

      Why do you choose the venue(s) you did?: “My parents went to a party at the Genesee Valley Club when I was 10 years old. Since then, they’ve always told me it was where they envisioned me getting married. To be honest, I never thought much of it until Brian and I actually got engaged. We went to visit and I fell in love with it. It is so classically beautiful and from that moment on, I couldn’t picture getting married anywhere else (not to mention, the service is second to none and the food is to die for!).”

      Your color palette: “Warm rose and taupe hues with lots of greenery and mixed metals.”

      Honeymoon plans: “We spent 10 days exploring the Amalfi Coast (and snuck in a good bit of relaxation, too!).”