When I first met with Lexi & Brandt, we discussed their wedding dreams and how they envisioned both the flow of their day and also their wedding photos—two highly important things to consider. Yes, your wedding photos are important and so is scheduling in the appropriate amount of time for those moments, but even more important is how you envisioning spending time with each other and your guests—that sacred time when you don’t have a camera pointed in your face… I’ll be snapping from a far though don’t you worry! In hopes of a smooth wedding day photographically speaking, I highly recommend an engagement session to all of my couples. I actually include it in all of my wedding collections because I think it is that important to have that time together in front of the camera before your wedding day.

      Before we parted ways, Brandt expressed his dream of a snowy New York engagement session. Sounds easy right? Lexi & Brandt currently live in Madison, Wisconsin and would be home for 2 weeks over the holidays and we kept in touch about the best snowy day. Our first shoot day came and went with high temps, rain, and muddy grounds. We decided to reschedule for a weekday in January and crossed our fingers for a perfect Winter day. That morning I set off to Canandaigua with an iphone weather alert about a snow squall. GREAT! Fresh snow! But… not a fun drive in a complete white out driving 5 mph for a little over an hour to get to our shooting location. When the squall cleared, we were left with the perfect Winter day! Bright blue skies, sunshine, and fresh, untouched snow on the ground.

      I met Lexi & Brandt at the house that was located down a secluded driveway across from the lake, where Brandt was outside starting a fire while Lexi and I developed a game plan for their cozy outfits.

      Once the fire was lit, the three of us ventured outside for photos in Brandt’s family’s property that includes a natural waterfall—that was still running despite the cold temps! Such a beautiful and romantic backdrop.

      Most couples would probably envision wearing only bright & bold clothes to stand out against the snow, but I’m so happy that Lexi & Brandt took my advice and stuck to neutrals, lots of layers to embrace the weather, furs, and the coolest sunglasses you’ve ever seen in an engagement session.

      The first warm up of the day was by the fire outside that Brandt started to keep Lexi warm. I mean, come on! What is more romantic that snuggling up with your hubby by a fire he built?! Nothing. The answer is nothing. I love these two!

      We then made our way inside for the real warm up! Lexi & Brandt changed into a monochromatic look for some playful shots in the kitchen, dancing, and you called it… more snuggles by the fire. Lexi & Brandt seriously just melt into each other when they are together. There is so little direction from me, it’s crazy. We finished up inside by turning on their first dance song (It’s a secret) for them to dance & twirl a bit and oh my gosh my eyes started to tear up. 1. Because again they are the cutest! And 2. Because their song is by one of my all time favorite musicians and it gave me all the feels.

      Lexi & Brandt glammed up a bit for our final last walk outside—Lexi had the most delicate and gorgeous lace set from J.Crew that photographed so amazing—just the perfect pop of color to their neutral shoot. And of course we ended with more sunglass glamour shots!

      Tips for embracing a winter engagement session

      1. Be flexible with your date and have realistic expectations
      2. Dress in layers and embrace the weather: sweaters, coats, scarves, boots, gloves
      3. What story do you want to tell? Taking a stroll outdoors bundled up? Snuggling inside by a fire?
      4. Be an elevated version of yourself. Dress in attire that feels like you and makes you feel like your best self.
      5. Get your hair & makeup professionally done. No need to stress over hair & makeup before a big shoot—trust the professionals! Also, think about using your bridal makeup trial for your engagement session. You will see how your makeup wears the rest of the day and you will also have the advantage of seeing how you look in photos.