I wasn’t blessed with a sister growing up. I longed for someone to share stories with, pretend to be witches with, play American girl dolls with, run track with, and listen to each other’s dreams with. I met Shueston in Mrs. Parmelee’s first grade classroom where we sat at the same table.  Growing up with a friend with blonde hair, blue eyes, matching LIGHT blue fleece vests, white t-shirts with jelly flowers and fake glasses was the absolute best!  When we weren’t pretending to be twins, we would bake endless corn muffins and run outside in windstorms to look for the cats, dream up the next big clothing line called ESENAZ or maybe even travel the world once or twice.  Through everything that has changed in our lives, high school & graduation, college & graduation, Zach & my wedding, nursing school & another graduation, Shue & Joe’s engagement, closing on our first homes within weeks of each other– I love that our friendship hasn’t changed. Shue & I always pick up where we last left off and never skip a beat.  There is an immense amount of joy and fullness that you feel when someone you love so dearly is loved in return and over the moon happy.  Witnessing & photographing Shue & Joe’s proposal, engagement, and wedding was such an honor.  Congrats and I love you both so, so much!  xoxo   And last but not least… A huge shout out to my AMAZING second shooter, Lindsey Welkley.  Lindsey joined the team last Summer as an intern and she is fully on board as a second shooter this year– kicking off the season at Shue & Joe’s wedding.  I played double duty–Matron of Honor & photographer– so Lindsey was a huge help–even more than usual!  I directed the shots and she photographed all of the ones that I am in and I even forced her to use my Contax so we could match the film colors!  And of course she nailed it.  Such an awesome experience and I am so grateful.  Love you Linds!