Your beautiful smile, your natural expressions, the love you share.  Lifestyle family portraits are an opportunity to capture who you are at this moment in your life and how much love and joy you all feel with each other.  It’s about energy, laughing and holding each other close– all of the emotions, experiences, and expressions that define this time of your life before it moves on.  I long to document celebrations filled with emotion and happiness, laughter and relationships, and life long family and friends.

During your session we will focus on capturing that exact moment.  Kids don’t take direction very well– especially for an entire session.  For this reason your session will not be overly posed– I will still try very hard in the begining to capture some images with everyone looking in the camera.  Your shoot looks most natural when you can do an activity together as a family that you all enjoy — Swinging at home, walking hand-in-hand at the beach, making cookies, roasting marshmallows, cuddling up in a blanket with mom, riding on dad’s shoulders, etc.  All of these activities distract kids from the camera so they can be more like themselves.

Also, a note to the parents… Sessions typically take place very early morning or right before sunset to take advantage of the most beautiful and flattering light.  Think about what time of day your children are the happiest– make sure they are fed and well rested.  If they are old enough, try to prepare them for the shoot so they know what to expect.


As we prepare for your session, we will discuss date, time, and location– all of which really are chosen based on the best light and space to move around.  The best light is typically early morning or right before sunset– and this of course varies by location.  We will discuss whether you want your shoot to happen at home, or a place that has sentimental value, or maybe you have a vibe you are going for in your photos.  We will discuss if you want to do any activities as a family as well because that in itself might dictate your location.  When choosing locations, I try to choose areas that are not too crowded or loud so the little ones aren’t over-stimulated.  Also, are you including your family dog in your photos??  Sometimes locations have to be very specific because pets aren’t welcome everywhere.  


Think about the time of year and the location– you want your clothing to match the tone.  Dress everyone so they feel comfortable and beautiful but don’t have everyone be too matchy-matchy.  Neutrals photograph great– grey, cream, white, blue–anything with a soft tone.  This way you and your family stand out in your photos and your clothing isn’t the star.  Also, think about complete outfits from head to toe– shoes that match and don’t forget to accessorize.


During your session I will give suggestions on movements and activities and let them naturally unfold.  This way, in between moments happen and those are usually the best shots.  When you are enjoying time as a family naturally,  everyone is more comfortable about being photographed.


Lifestyle family sessions include fully edited images that you will cherish forever– most families decide to put their entire session of images in a hand crafted heirloom album to treasure.  We cherish the tangible, because it can be viewed in a more sentimental way that can be passed on and shared as an heirloom.