As we approach the most important day of your life, I’m sure lots of photo ops and ideas are rushing through your mind like crazy!  This moment, that bridal portrait, this detail, that friend group, and so on.  It’s a lot to trust me with!  But that’s what I am asking you to do — trust me!

We will talk LOTS leading up to your wedding day!  Remember, I get excited when you get excited. I cry when you cry.  I laugh when you laugh.  I tell your story best when I feel what you feel.  I will ask you which moments you are dreaming of and again how you envision your wedding as a whole.  These comments and key words help me approach your day with a fresh vision for your wedding in particular.

Tell me who and what is most important to you that day… and also tell me about any potential stressors that you are feeling.  That way I can hone in on those personal and emotional moments with the people who matter most.  We will also work on your timeline from day one to ensure that we have time for the photos you have been dreaming of.

Are you wearing a wedding dress passed down from generation to generation?  Are you wearing a family heirloom ring or piece of jewelry?  Are you reading your own vows?  Are you singing or surprising your loved ones with something during your ceremony?  Are you doing a choreographed first dance?  Will there be fireworks as a surprise?  Tell me everything so I have no surprises that day and can capture your story as it happens naturally.  If we are celebrating your day by crossing off photo after photo from a shot list, it takes away the spontaneity and emotion.  So, trust me!  You will end up with a personal story of your day filled with gorgeous details, natural light-filled portraits, and candids of all of the emotional moments.