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Your engagement session is all about celebrating your relationship leading up to your wedding day!  So let’s work together so it is personal and everything you are envisioning.  Believe it or not, there is a lot to consider before scheduling your session with me.

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So let’s start with…  When to schedule your engagement session?  Think about whether or not you are going to use your images for save the dates or maybe prints at your wedding?  Is there a specific season you have in mind?  Or maybe a specific location that lends to a particular time of year?  What time of day does your location have the best light?  Typically, when I shoot on location outside I try to shoot during pretty, soft, golden light.  This means right after sunrise, or right before sunset.  But maybe you want to shoot inside your favorite restaurant or your home and the window light is best at noon– so let’s chat about all of this!  Also, in figuring out when to schedule your session, keep in mind busy times of the year.  From May-October, weekend availability is very limited because those days are reserved for weddings and events.  Also, are you only going to be in town a specific date range?  Let me know in advance so we make sure our calendars match.

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Choosing a location important to your relationship creates a story-telling approach with poses that you fall into naturally.  We incorporate lots of movement, talking, laughing, walking, and enjoying each others company– so don’t worry about being a model and knowing what to do in front of the camera!  Think about what you enjoy doing together as a couple–  Sharing a bottle of wine?  Hiking in the woods?  Hanging out by the beach and swimming?  Enjoying an art gallery or getting swept up in the bustle of a big city?  Walking with your dog?  What excites you and tells your story best?  Cooking?  Painting?  Cuddling at your home or an in-bed intimate session?  The possibilities are truly endless!

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You should feel like you at your engagement session!  Wear something that you love and feel beautiful or handsome in.  Coordinate your outfits with a color pallet, but at the same time don’t be too matchy-matchy.  What tone do you want to set– formal or casual– maybe this depends on the location?  Accessorize with lots of layers, jewelry, and shoes to match because, yes, your feet are indeed going to be in the photos!  Oh, and did you hire hair & makeup for your wedding day?  Maybe use your engagement session for a trial run!  And lastly– pamper yourself with a nice manicure so you can show off your gorgeous ring!

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The more we talk and plan your personal engagement session, the stronger of a story we will tell together.

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