You and your vendors work so hard to plan an absolutely amazing wedding day.  And with that, you are most likely envisioning a gorgeous Summer day with bright blue skies, colorful Fall foliage, fresh powder, or beautiful bright wildflowers.  Weather is one of those things that we absolutely cannot control on your wedding day.  However, if you prepare and have a good mindset that your day will still be amazing rain or shine, everyone else will follow in your footsteps.  I have photographed tons of weddings with interesting weather– weddings over 100 degrees, December weddings with 2 feet of fresh powder that morning and December weddings that are 60 degrees, weddings with ridiculous wind, and weddings where it has poured all day.

I can speak to this from the aspect of being a bride as well.  My husband and I got married in June and the day started out gorgeous & sunny, with a slight breeze.  Then the breeze died down and it was stifling hot and muggy for our first look and bridal portraits.  Right before our ceremony, the skies grew very dark, high winds rolled in, and it started to sprinkle.  It rained lightly during family portraits and the the sun came out with muggy vengeance for the start of our reception before it began down pouring during my husband’s dance with his mom.  So, yes guys, I totally understand!  The thing that helped me through our own wedding day, and the message that I send to all of my couples, is that the weather of your wedding day is part of your story.  It’s a huge factor in your images and it’s going to show– so why not make the most of it!


I used to tell my couples, “hey guys, don’t worry, it never rains ALL day.”  It downpoured the entire day of Kailey & Kevin‘s wedding.  ALL DAY.  It never stopped– not even for a split second.  Kailey prepared– she purchased rain boots and umbrellas for all the bridesmaids and the guys just put on sunglasses and acted cool while they were getting drenched.  Yes, we could have taken all of their bridal portraits inside the church, or inside the hotel where their reception was being held, but Kailey and Kevin are huge outdoors people and they weren’t going to let a little rain dampen their spirits.  If the bride and groom are happy, everyone is happy!

And on the other hand, sometimes it just pours for a short while.  When we arrived at the horse farm for Cara & Paul‘s bridal portraits, it was pouring.  So we started under the cover of the barn and then I made Paul stand out in the rain with a fun umbrella because he looked so handsome!  And then, what do you know, the rain stopped and we were able to go out in the pasture and include Cara’s horses.


Summer days in New York are known for being incredibly hot and humid with little wind.  The timing of bridal portraits typically happens when the sun is shining hardcore and it’s hot for everyone.  For all of my couples, I highly recommend doing an intimate sunset session– just with the bride and groom.  The sun is setting, there is golden pretty light all around, it’s cooler, all of the nerves of reading your vows and your first dance are behind you– it’s just an amazing time!  Here are some of my favorite sunset sessions from this Summer!

Alyssa & Matt

Leah & Jacob

Kacie & Stephen

Ashlene & Matt


Wind can be very challenging on wedding day– hair in the face, veil everywhere, you name it.  If any of you know High Falls area in Rochester, Mallorie & Steve wanted their bridal portraits on the bright blue bridge– something super different than their reception at Monroe Golf Club.  When we reached High Falls, the wind was so intense.  I was like, “I’m so sorry but I can’t have you on the bridge with you cathedral length veil– either you or your veil are going to blow off!”  So, we stayed in the same area but sought cover next to the brick and concrete buildings that blocked most of the wind.  And their portraits turned out beautifully.

Lauren & Jay also had a very windy day– but it wasn’t as intense so it led to very pretty veil photos.  It didn’t rain on their wedding day until right when we finished bridal portraits.  However, it was super dark grey skies all day.  I feel like it added to the moody, glam feel of Lauren & Jay’s portraits and you could also see that Lauren’s dress is grayish purple more than if it was a bright, sunny day. They got married in November so it was also nice that we can an option of photographing most of the portraits inside of Good Luck– a very special spot for Lauren & Jay.


The morning of Christina & Ryan‘s wedding, I was woken up by a string of text messages around 6am.  I was so nervous seeing her name pop up that early– I wasn’t suppossed to be in Buffalo for hours so WHY was she texting me now… Well, she was letting me know that overnight they got 2 feet of snow and that it was currently a blizzard and single digit temperatures and that she was SO EXCITED!  She politely let me know I may want to factor in some extra travel time because the roads were so bad.  Christina 100% got her Winter Wonderland wedding!

On the other hand, sometimes you dream of a Winter Wonderland wedding and then it is 50 degrees and no snow on the ground.  But hey, we roll with it!  Courtney & Joe got married in January and we were able to spend more time than usual outside because it was so nice out.  They also chose their venue anticipating it would be super cold outside, so we took advantage and photographed a lot of portraits inside The Rabbit Room as well.