I have never been a new year’s resolution kind of girl– but with 2016, my goal is to slow down. Slow down and enjoy time with the ones I love and slow down with my photography. For everyone that knows me I am always go, go, go and kind of intense. No, I am not taking fewer clients and putting my business on the back burner—rather the opposite–

When I first got into photography I dabbled in both film and digital. I first learned on my dad’s 35mm Minolta that he had in college. I then learned digital and film photography in high school before heading to Ithaca College where I mostly focused on large format photography and dark room processing and editing. Immediately following college graduation, I began working for Tammy Swales Studio which was solely digital. I continued shooting odd rolls of 35mm and 120mm that I had at home until it ran out. Before I knew it, it had been about 4 years since I touched any of my film cameras.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my work and my business and the way I see things. My favorite photographers are all film photographers or hybrid (film and digital) photographers. I constantly scour the Internet for new film work and love the ethereal, soft, natural quality and how it absorbs light. Over the years I have bought every film preset I can imagine- Mastin Labs, VSCO, Replichrome, etc. But yet still something is obviously missing. I look at my work itself– and I am happy with the way I am progressing– the use of my surroundings, posing, connection with my clients, use of light. But then I look at the images and there isn’t that softness or etherealness that I desire.

So with all that being said… I wondered if I should start shooting film again and become a hybrid shooter to develop that image quality. But also with that being said, I was so scared out of my mind because I feel like I have been so detached from film for a long time. And film is crazy expensive and I didn’t want to screw up!

So… what did I do? I signed up for an intensive 2-day film photography workshop with Jacob of Brumley & Wells in Colorado and New Mexico, bought so much film, a light meter, a professional medium format camera and started to slow down. Once I started to train my mind, my body, and my eye to slow down I truly started to see the beauty in my photography that was missing before. My relationships grew stronger and my images more beautiful.

Alexandra-Elise-Photography-Ali-Reed-Colorado-California-New-York-New-England-Colorado-Film-Photographer-021 Alexandra-Elise-Photography-Ali-Reed-Film-Engagement-Wedding-Photographer-014Alexandra-Elise-Photography-Ali-Reed-Film-Engagement-Wedding-Photographer-008Alexandra-Elise-Photography-Ali-Reed-Colorado-California-New-York-New-England-Colorado-Film-Photographer-002