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When I say… “I get excited when you get excited.  I cry when you cry.  I laugh when you laugh.  I get this rush of butterflies in my chest.”… I fully mean it.  I become so invested in my couples lives from day one– I want to tell their story and see what wonderful places it takes them.

This saying of mine took on a complete new meaning when Joe asked me to photograph his proposal to Shueston.  Shueston has been my absolute best friend since first grade when we met in Mrs. Parmelee’s class at our table in our assigned seats.  She is my rock.  She is always there for everything big or small.  She will also cry with you and laugh with you.  She is the kind of person that everyone should be blessed with in their life.  So to say I was excited and emotional about being asked to photograph their proposal is an extreme understatement.

We planned the day around formal photos at The Corning Museum of Glass– I have been bugging Shueston & Joe to photograph them as a couple for some time and planned a shoot with pretty dresses, and jewelry, and paper goods for fun.  Shueston and I spent the morning playing dress up and doing her hair and makeup while Joe was in the kitchen with my husband, Zach, drinking coffee and talking about sports– or whatever guys talk about!

It was a gorgeous day outside for February 20, 2016– almost 45 degrees, blue skies, sunshine– perfect and happy and warm.  We got to the museum and went straight to the contemporary art wing which is a gorgeous expansion of the museum with sky high white walls and an abundance of natural light– not to mention gorgeous glass artwork surrounding us.  I immediately knew where I wanted the proposal to take place– along a long white curved wall, underneath a gorgeous black, glass chandelier.  We walked around the exhibits in this wing for awhile taking romantic portraits and personal portraits showing their true love for each other– lots of lovingly looking at each other and laughing together– everything a photographer (and best friend) dreams of.  We made out way back to the entrance, by the black chandelier.  I told Shueston that I wanted her to walk straight away from us to capture the beautiful back of her dress for an artsy shot.  Joe greated her with a personal handwritten letter, describing his love for Shueston.  When Shueston finished reading the sentimental letter, Joe was behind her, down on one knee, waiting to ask her to marry him.  This is about when I started balling from behind the camera– trying to hold it together when you care THIS much about the couple is hard– like hardcore camera shake– thank god for high shutter speeds!  Shueston obviously said yes and they spent the next several minutes basking in the excitement in a loving embrace that every girl dreams of.  To see the people you love at the best of times and so happy, brings me such joy.  Congrats to my best friend and the man of her dreams.  I love you both so much!

xoxo, Ali

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